Nicole Muehleisen
Editor in Chief

Class of 2020
Majors: Economics & Behavioral Biology

Nicole Muehleisen joined Américas in 2017 and has severed as Managing Editor for two years. She is interested in the stories of Latin America that often go untold, and she hopes to learn more about her own heritage through these different historical and analytic lenses.

Austin Cardona
Director of Communications

Class of 2020
Majors: International Studies, Latin American Studies & Spanish

Austin joined the journal because of his Colombian heritage! His father is from Palmira, Colombia. By working with this journal and studying Latin American Studies, he feels more connected to his roots. For him, the journal is a great way to shine a spotlight on Latin American-focused research, which often gets overlooked in the world of academia.

Gabriela Hubner
Class of 2021
Majors: International Studies, Spanish & Minor in Economics
Gabi grew up in Brazil and recently studied in Spain to practice her Spanish. She is passionate about the topic of international development in Latin America and hopes to work in the field after college. Gabi joined the Americas team because she believes there is amazing content being produced on Latin America by college students, and that this content deserves to be shared and broadcasted.

Sabrina Rainsbury
Class of 2021
Major: Spanish
Sabrina is a current junior at Johns Hopkins University studying Spanish and on the pre-med track. Sabrina joined Américas in 2019 after writing a piece for the journal earlier in the year. She has a particular interest in the cultural and political issues facing Latin American countries. She hopes to one day combine these passions with a knowledge of medicine to work with underserved populations internationally.

Melanie Pillaca-Gutiérrez
Class of 2022
Majors: International Studies & Economics

As someone raised in the U.S. by two Peruvian immigrants, Melanie often found myself distanced (not just geographically) from the history and culture of Latin America. Therefore, she strives to engage my education in the past and present movements that have shaped the region through social, political, economic, and global means. Fun fact: She is trilingual and currently learning Mandarin Chinese!

Campbell Knobloch
Class of 2020
Majors: Spanish and Earth & Planetary Sciences

Campbell is a Baltimore native who has loved continuing to explore Charm City through the Hopkins community and is interested in bridging the gap between the sciences and the humanities via public education and science journalism. Look for her upcoming publication “Spanish Urban and Suburban Space in Contemporary Cultural Production: A Lefebvrian Investigation” on Spanish fiction following the 2008 Great Recession in volume 5.1 of Portales of Columbia University.

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